Vissmate Gel Cleaner Bathroom

Vissmate Gel Cleaner Bathroom

Bright idea at your service for effective bathroom cleaning.

Vissmate Bathroom Gel Cleaner cleans the most difficult bathroom dirt easily and offers unique brightness with its powerful formula with descaling action. Vissmate Bathroom Gel Cleaner removes soap residues and scale stains from the surfaces and is easily rinsed thanks to its thick gel form. Vissmate Bathroom Gel Cleaner that offers bright cleaning and freshness in your bathroom for a long time eliminates bad odors and leaves a sweet scent.


  • Sink, faucet, bathtub, shower cabin, shower head, bath tiles, floors.

You can use Vissmate Gel Cleaner directly on surfaces or by diluting in the bucket on floors. 

1) Pour Vissmate Gel Cleaner directly on the surface and wipe with a cloth or sponge. Rinse the surface after cleaning. Wait for a couple of minutes for a better result on difficult and stubborn dirt.  

2) Add 1 tea glass (80 ml) of Vissmate Gel Cleaner in the half a bucket of water (around 5 lt). It offers excellent cleaning and freshness on the floor. Does not require rinsing.

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