Vissmate Vinegar Surface Cleaner

Vissmate Vinegar Surface Cleaner

Vissmate’s cleaning potency now combines with the power of Vinegar.

Vissmate Vinegar Cleaner having Natural Vinegar offers you the most natural version of cleaning as part of its natural Vinegar extract - based custom formula.    Vissmate Vinegar Cleaner removes limescale, water stains, soap residues, and stubborn dirt thoroughly and provides hygiene on surfaces.

Confidently applied for any type of cleaning, you can use Vissmate Vinegar Cleaner to clean on all the surfaces of your house, especially hob, oven, countertop, chopping board, refrigerator, toilet seat, bathtub, sink, and floors.

Vissmate Vinegar Cleaner offers hygienic cleaning and freshness in your home for a longtime, eliminates bad odors and gives refreshment.


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