Vissmate Surface Cleaner Flower Freshness

Vissmate Surface Cleaner Flower Freshness

Sweet flower scents all over your house!

Vissmate's hygienic cleaning power meets permanent perfume scents. Vissmate Hygienic Surface Cleaner offers hygienic cleaning with its effective stain removal power and cleaning performance. It provides a long-lasting freshness in every corner of your house along with an unrivaled permanent fragrance. It wipes out any malodor and releases an idyllic fragrance of cleanliness.

Vissmate Hygienic Surface Cleaner's top-notch polishing effect provides all surfaces with impeccable brightness and makes them shine like crystals. In addition to sparkling performance in cleaning, it offers quick drying and leaves no mark on surfaces.


  • Hard surfaces such as floors, tiles, floor tiles, marbles and ceramics.
  • Doors, window frames, glass and polished surfaces.
  • Toilet seats, bathtubs, washbasins, sinks, mirrors, cookers, refrigerators, kitchen appliances and all the other washable surfaces.

Vissmate Surface Cleaners give extra bright results on all washable hard surfaces thanks to its special structure which provides a spotless and quick drying. It prevents the formation of mops trace and shines the floors.

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